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Customer acquisition and retention need not be a costly affair! Join the world's largest alliance of top online stores to acquire and retain top shoppers at affordable costs.

Trusted by thousands of brands

Everything you're looking for to amp up your marketing game


Launch your brand page on WyseMe, display your products and offers to 1M+ shoppers


Create multi-channel campaigns, reach out to targeted audience to acquire and retain shoppers


Run loyalty program on WyseMe by rewarding shoppers with Wyse points redeemable for your gift card.


Reward shoppers with good shopping behavior with higher Wyse points and perks they can't refuse.

The Time is NOW!

Join WyseMe to become a part of the largest alliance of top online stores and enjoy the benefits of joint loyalty.

Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits for ecommerce businesses.

63% of consumers are more likely to join a loyalty program that offers rewards across multiple brands.

Repeat customers have CLV 3 times higher than one-time customers. Their CLV increases over time, so its best to start early

WyseMe for Small & Medium Businesses

If your customer acquisition cost is higher than your customer lifetime value, you are losing money with each acquired customer. Become a part of the joint loyalty and retention platform to lower your CAC significantly while improving customer retention.

Improve cost efficiency

Enhance customer retention

Save money

At your scale, it's important to keep cost under control and grow profitably.

Go Sustainable

At your scale, it's important to encourage and reward good shopping behavior.

WyseMe for Enterprises

Customers are more likely to become a part of a loyalty program that offers them rewards across multiple brands.

Join WyseMe and run AI-based joint loyalty including all brands in your portfolio or solo loyalty with benefit of lower CAC.

Create more value & choice for customers

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

WyseMe for Marketing Agencies

Deliver more value to the brands in your portfolio by positioning them infront of 1M+ shoppers on WyseMe. 

Run marketing campaigns, launch joint loyalty of your customers and manage it end-to-end.

Increase brand visibility

Comprehensive marketing solutions

Serve Better

Run joint loyalty program for your customers under your brand name

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Choose the right plan for your business.

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Suitable for <1000 orders pm

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Membership fee = INR 2500


Suitable for 1K-10K orders pm

INR 3999 / Month

Includes 2000 orders


Suitable for 10,000+ orders pm


All features in premium plan+


Handling marketing for 5+ brands


Create more value

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoppers get Wyse points based on their shopping behaviour when they purchase from any of our participating stores. Wyse AI engine grades shoppers on how valuable they are for various rewards and gift cards from participating stores. This helps brands to acquire and retain top shoppers.

Your data is absolutely safe with us. It is highly encrypted and never shared with anyone else.

Top shoppers are those shoppers who buy more online, return less and prefer prepaid payment instead of COD. The Wyse AI engine grades shoppers based on these plus 51 other parameters to reward Wyse points. 

You can acquire top shoppers by running targeted campaigns for shoppers with higher Wyse points. Moreover, your brand will be listed on WyseMe which will be visible to 1M+ shoppers who buy from  our participating stores and have good shopping behavior.